A New Teen Trilogy

The market is dominated with teenage romances between regular teen girls and mythical creatures. The most dominant, of course, is Twilight. But this is quickly being followed by other similar tales. But what do these books really teach young teenagers?

The Swan, the Demon, and the Warrior was written with courage in defiance of popular critical analysis. The book engulfs the concepts of justice, hope, and existence of powers beyond human understanding. And aren’t these valuable lessons to teach our children, the young who will one day be in control of our countries?

This book is not some dragons versus unicorn story, with characters enmeshed in romanticized surroundings and happy endings in glorious sunsets.

It is the story of family love and the devotion of a sister to her murdered sibling that stretches beyond imaginable time.

Today’s teenagers must learn important lessons. They must learn about love; love beyond the mindless adoration of mythical creatures in Twilight. The love of family; sisters, brothers, and parents. Teenagers must learn about hope. Life beats you down, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. And teens must learn about destiny. We are all meant for something. The journey to discovering your destiny is just as important as your destiny itself.


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